When contacting club bookers today, they all respond with the same question: “How many people can you bring?” They want to instantly quantify your value.  It’s not about the music anymore. You can be a sorry band with sorry songs, but if you have a bunch of loyal friends/fans whoContinue Reading


What’s with people and their lack of communicating?  Folks will spend every free moment on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but become completely discombobulated when they are faced with responding to a direct email or having an actual conversation with someone. Today, we carry our phones with us wherever we goContinue Reading

Today is my daughter Shaina’s birthday.  She’s 25. Ten years ago, I wrote a song about her. She had just turned 15 and I was watching in awe as my baby girl was morphing into a beautiful young woman. She was still at that in-between stage. The walls of her room were coveredContinue Reading

It’s funny how the elusive “War on Terror” is just like the “War on Drugs” and “War on Poverty.” Each so-called war brings an exponential increase in what it claims to be fighting.  The current illusion of “defending” us from some imagined attack and the hysterical, media-driven condemnation and vilification of MuslimsContinue Reading

Some people take me too seriously… I’m a strange bird. I’m okay with that. You?  

There’s a rally today – it’s the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March (stream is here). While I applaud the organizers, speakers, and attendees who traveled thousands of miles to participate, I have to ask them one question. It’s the same question I asked 20 years ago: What areContinue Reading

Last night, I had an epiphanic moment. You know, when you suddenly see things in a new way, or receive an answer to a question you’ve been asking yourself.  An epiphany…although I think ‘epiphanic’ is a more arms-spread-wide descriptive word. Ha! I’ve been singing for a long time. So long that it’s hardContinue Reading

Debilitating. That’s the adjective often used to describe fear. Yes, fear is debilitating. It weakens you; saps your energy and your power. It makes you worry and stress about imagined negative outcomes that only exist in your mind. The human mind/ego is such a powerful thing. It doesn’t know theContinue Reading

I’ve been working on a new album. I’m excited beyond words! Woohoo! Yay! Yay! This is not my first CD, but it’s my first solo album release. It’s not the Dee Stone Band. It’s not Stone/Wright. It’s just me 🙂 Most of the songs were written while I was inContinue Reading

So, I’m checking my web stats earlier today and there’s a new submission – a voice coaching request form. This brought a heart flutter to my otherwise ho-hum morning…briefly. It’s not often that I hear from potential students and I’m always excited to speak to someone new who might benefit fromContinue Reading

The Black Fox Lounge is closing at the end of the month. I’m sad to see it go. That little club has been a constant in my life for the past four years or so. As a performer, it’s always nice to have a regular spot…a place where you canContinue Reading