635707065549713948-A02-MILLION-MAN-MARCH-20There’s a rally today – it’s the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March (stream is here). While I applaud the organizers, speakers, and attendees who traveled thousands of miles to participate, I have to ask them one question. It’s the same question I asked 20 years ago: What are you hoping to accomplish?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying that the white supremacist mentality has choked this nation for hundreds of years. Perpetuated by the media in all of its various forms — from the newspapers of the 1700’s to today’s online news feeds — it’s been expert mind control from the start.

But don’t black and brown folks know that no amount of marching or protesting or whining will end systematic racism? Don’t they know that even if a billion protesters filled the streets of the District of Corruption, the mainstream media would downplay the attendance and trivialize the event?

It’s sad that, in the United States of 2015, racism is still an issue. It taints everything. A few years ago, a Canadian friend said, “We don’t understand American racism.” I said, “I don’t either.”  The idea of racism (and it’s only an idea) was created to justify Colonial slavery. Since it’s invention it has, with the aid of the press and the pulpit, become a vital component of Capitalism.

When you understand the history of racism, you recognize it for what it is: a well-orchestrated mind fuck.  Divide and conquer. In this country, white folks are taught from birth to feel superior while black and brown folks are taught to feel inferior. Each taught to hate the other.  Most of this teaching is done by parents, who were taught by their parents.

Racism has been propagandized and passed down for generations and we have, individually and collectively, let it rule our lives. We — individually and collectively — are the only ones who can end it.  We are the problem and the solution.

You want change? Stop giving your power to a corrupt and illegitimate system that keeps you enslaved. Stop begging for “rights” and “restitution” and “justice”.  It’s like a co-dependent relationship where the abused is begging the abuser for validation and protection – it’s not gonna happen. Even if it did, you would still feel powerless. Change your mind and you’ll change your reality.

The march organizers are demanding “Justice or Else!” Or else what? Most folks in this country are too dumbed-down and drugged up to do “or else.”

I say this:  Stop hating each other…stop disrespecting each other…stop killing each other. That’s the “or else” that needs to happen.

When we have elevated ourselves, we won’t need to demand justice from an ugly, diseased system that’s not even worthy of our acknowledgment. Our freedom will be all the justice we need.