It’s funny how the elusive “War on Terror” is just like the “War on Drugs” and “War on Poverty.” Each so-called war brings an exponential increase in what it claims to be fighting.  The current illusion of “defending” us from some imagined attack and the hysterical, media-driven condemnation and vilification of Muslims worldwide are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to get the western sheeple to support more killing for oil.

People throw the word “terrorist” around so much it’s like a worn-out rag full of holes. Overused to the point of reeking. The reality: Daesh, Al-Quaida, ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, or whatever they’re calling it today, was birthed by the CIA and its associated black ops to cause destabilization in the Middle East. It’s such a convoluted boogeyman that they can’t even come to a consensus on what they want to call it.

Fact: it is and always has been about the oil. More than half of the world’s oil reserves lie in the region inhabited by Muslims. And we’re told that the big, bad Muslims want to huff and puff and blow us all up. So we should hate them and fear them and support the murder of them. How diabolically clever and convenient.

What’s really sad is that a lot of Americans think we deserve to have control of the world’s oil and killing people to get it is perfectly acceptable. That attitude is so arrogant and selfish and evil that it’s just mind-boggling.

As for Donald Trump, love him or hate him, he gets people riled up, lol. He’s a distraction…a very entertaining distraction. The ridiculous comment he made about banning Muslims and the fact that some people took him seriously, and even agreed with him, shows the sad mental state of a brainwashed, manipulated populace.

Apparently, a lot of folks think you can traipse into other countries and destroy people’s lives, kill their families, terrorize them, and take control of their resources, but when they want to come here you say, “We can’t let them in! They might be terrorists!

I wonder how much Trump is getting paid to play such a comical role in this fiasco. Do I take him seriously? No. But, get this: about eight years ago, when folks were drooling over then-candidate Barack Obama, I read an interesting article written by a so-called “insider.”

The author was saying that Hillary Clinton, who was also running, was told to back out of the race and support Obama. In exchange, she was supposedly promised 2016. She did exactly that and now, here we are and there she is. Trump would be the perfect opponent – the experienced former Secretary of State vs. the irreverent high-rolling-man-child.  Genius!  The TV talking heads would engage in endless lively analyses.  End result: Hello, Mrs. President Clinton.

The saga continues…