I just discovered an amaaaaazing vocalist. She’s in the gospel music world, so I’m late to hear about her.  I love, love, love her voice and the energy she brings.  Her name is Le’Andria Johnson.  I actually found her on YouTube — not singing, but talking.  She was in aContinue Reading

doing what you love

Yesterday, I was on YouTube, searching for some of my favorite singers to see what they’ve been up to lately. In the sidebar of a video I was watching, there was a video for “All My Tomorrows” by Ed Reed. Truth be told, his picture is what made me clickContinue Reading

Shorty Slim

On Friday night, I went to check out some musician friends of mine at a bar in DC called Duffy’s.  It’s a cozy little neighborhood spot and the crowd was surprisingly supportive and down-to-earth. The name of the band is Shorty Slim.  The players:  Chuck Carter on bass, Earl IveyContinue Reading

So, I’m sitting at the bus stop on Poplar Avenue the other day. I was on my way home from a part-time telemarketing job I had just started. A job that required me to lie to senior citizens to get them to donate money to firefighters; knowing full well thatContinue Reading

Goddess Crone - Gods And Goddesses 1

The crone. I see her every morning. Scowling at me in the mirror.  I love her with all of my heart. Even though she is in direct conflict with my happy inner child. The inner me sees her as the evil witch who wants to give me a poisoned apple.Continue Reading

Recently, a woman emailed me about a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago.  It was called “Libratard?”   I was amazed that she took the time to write such a lovely email.  She said she found my website when googling the definition of libratard.  Her co-worker had beenContinue Reading

I need a new man. There, I said it. I am speaking him into existence. I’ve spent enough time soul-searching. I know who I am and I know what I want. I’ve come to terms with two marriages, two divorces, and a string of bad relationships. I’ve done the inner workContinue Reading

Check out the video below. I think it’s the coolest story. A father in Memphis finally meets his German daughter and grandson. I don’t know why it took them 50 years to find each other. but I’m happy for the father, daughter, and grandson.  I’m sure it gives hope to aContinue Reading

I haven’t blogged since April of last year. April 21st to be exact; the day that Prince died. I can’t really call that a blog post. I was speechless in shock and couldn’t think of anything to say, so I posted a photo of him and left it at that.Continue Reading

these are the days - dee stone

My new “These Are the Days” video is finished! We shot the final footage a few days ago in Georgetown. It was a chilly, rainy day. I thought that was perfect since I’m singing about the “blessings in the rain.” As some folks know, this video has been months inContinue Reading

People sometimes say, “What are you, an anarchist?  Yes. I am unapologetically anti-government, -religion, -politics, and every -ism. I am a proponent of love, freedom, spirituality, and equality. I believe we all have a right to be, create, share, and coexist without the oppressive interference of some imagined authority.   WhyContinue Reading