I just discovered an amaaaaazing vocalist. She’s in the gospel music world, so I’m late to hear about her.  I love, love, love her voice and the energy she brings.  Her name is Le’Andria Johnson.  I actually found her on YouTube — not singing, but talking.  She was in a state at the time — going on about the gospel music industry and the church system. I immediately connected with her raw honesty and felt her pain. She said what many are afraid to say.

She’s going through some turbulence right now because of the things she said, and the apparently inebriated state she was in, lol.  You can find that video on YouTube; there are actually a few more now. In one, she apologized for offending her fans.

Her scheduled performance at the Essence festival was cancelled because of the recent rant.  And the church folks have been coming down on her hard due to the fact that she drinks, smokes, and curses.  As if churches are not full of people who drink, smoke, and curse.  Hypocrites in denial. Pointing the finger at others instead of owning up to their own shit.

Le’Andria seems to be struggling with how to be who she really is and still be a marketable gospel singer.  I think she’s seen the bullshit behind the curtain and is dealing with it the best way she can. She’s obviously hurting and, like many of us, needs a little more self-love. I’m hoping sistergirl comes through this with her light intact.  I’ll root for anyone who lives their truth in a world where most don’t…drunk or not, ha!

Here’s a video of a powerful performance in 2017.  You can’t deny her incredible talent. The girl can sing!