Happy Mother’s Day!  Today, we honor Mom, Mama, Madre, Mere, Mutter…  No matter how you say it, the mother connection is eternal.

I’m a mother of three amazing human beings and grandmommy of one amazing little munchkin. My mother left this earth two years ago, but I am blessed and Mother’s Day is my day to be thankful for the blessings.

I wrote this poem yesterday:

A Grateful Mother on Mother’s Day

I say thank you to my babies, who gave me wings to fly

With purpose in my step and a sparkle in my eye

From diaper changing and breastfeeding

To first words and potty-training

Tiny arms wrapped around my neck and big, sloppy kisses

Through hectic mornings and noisy school yards

Girl Scouts, PTA, and high school basketball

First jobs, first cars, off to college in the fall

Just yesterday, I stood holding their little hands tight

Let’s cross the street now, look left and right

They loved me with unconditional acceptance

In spite of past-due bills and my feelings of incompetence

For them, I made banana pancakes with passion

Found joy in grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade popcorn

To Bryan and Derric and Shaina

I’m so proud to say I’m your mother

You’re all grown up now and still make my heart flutter

Immeasurable moments have been exquisitely woven

Into the woman I am today

A grateful mother on Mother’s Day