Father and Daughter Find Each Other

Check out the video below. I think it’s the coolest story. A father in Memphis finally meets his German daughter and grandson. I don’t know why it took them 50 years to find each other. but I’m happy for the father, daughter, and grandson.  I’m sure it gives hope to a lot of folks who are […]

Memphis is Home Now

I haven’t blogged since April of last year. April 21st to be exact; the day that Prince died. I can’t really call that a blog post. I was speechless in shock and couldn’t think of anything to say, so I posted a photo of him and left it at that. Here it is almost April […]

Am I An Anarchist?

People sometimes say, “What are you, an anarchist?  Yes. I am unapologetically anti-government, -religion, -politics, and every -ism. I am a proponent of love, freedom, spirituality, and equality. I believe we all have a right to be, create, share, and coexist without the oppressive interference of some imagined authority.   Why would any self-directed, thinking human […]

Answer My Fucking Email

What’s with people and their lack of communicating?  Folks will spend every free moment on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but become completely discombobulated when they are faced with responding to a direct email or having an actual conversation with someone. Today, we carry our phones with us wherever we go and people call, text, and […]

She Still Glitters

Today is my daughter Shaina’s birthday.  She’s 25. Ten years ago, I wrote a song about her. She had just turned 15 and I was watching in awe as my baby girl was morphing into a beautiful young woman. She was still at that in-between stage. The walls of her room were covered with posters of Lil’ Bow […]

ISIS and Muslims and Trump, Oh My

It’s funny how the elusive “War on Terror” is just like the “War on Drugs” and “War on Poverty.” Each so-called war brings an exponential increase in what it claims to be fighting.  The current illusion of “defending” us from some imagined attack and the hysterical, media-driven condemnation and vilification of Muslims worldwide are nothing more than smoke […]