Another Facebook Page *smh*

Yeah, so I’ve griped and resisted, reluctantly created and deleted several artist and band pages in the past 10 years.  It’s no secret, I’m not a fan of fb.  It doesn’t make me feel “connected” at all. I had a personal profile years ago and found the platform creepy and irritating. My last artist page was a constant source of inner angst — “What should I post?” “Will anyone like or comment?”  “If they don’t like my page, is it because they don’t like me?” Oh, lordy…not to mention the fb powers-that-be keep adding more restrictions to an already rigid format.  And with so many musician/band pages, why isn’t there some kind of built-in music player?

Anyway, in spite of myself, I have created a new page for Dee Stone Music.  I’ve created it for those die-hard Facebookers who think that my not being easily accessible makes my entire existence suspect and my talent illegitimate. I could argue that these narrow-minded folks will probably not be into my music anyway, so why bother?  Because, you never know.  There may be someone out there, just one person, who will discover one of my songs and be moved or feel inspired. Said person may only find out about anything on the planet through Facebook. I want to be there for them.

Ok, that said, my page is here.  Like it or not, it’s up.  I’ll try to post something interesting on the regular.  If I don’t, forgive me. 🙂



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